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The Bible said it First

By Richard Gunther


The food chain.

Otherwise known as the Food Web, this expression covers the sequence of organisms through which energy and nutrients are transferred. Since some animals eat both meat and fruit, the relationships are not always simple.

The sequence of the Food Chain comprises 1. autotrophs (producers) which are principally plants and photosynthetic microorganisms to 2. heterotrophs (consumers) which comprise herbivores, to 3. carnivores which feed on the herbivores, to 4. decomposers which break down all four groups (including themselves) and make things ready for recycling.

Put simply, all living things depend on plants for survival.

Plants produce the materials (nutrients) which all living things need to sustain life and health. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water and Alcohol. Also fibre.

Approximately 6000 years ago (according to Bible chronology) this was recorded by Moses:

"And God said, "See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.

"Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food" and it was so." Genesis 1:29,30.

Long before scientists discovered how the Food Chain worked, the Bible had already recorded how all life depends primarily on plants for survival.

Incidentally, this is just one of many incidents where the Bible has shown itself to be absolutely accurate whenever it makes what we might call ‘scientific’ statements. Although the Bible is obviously not a science text book, nevertheless, whenever it makes a statement about the real world, it is always correct.

Also, it is interesting to notice that the Genesis account gives the origin of all plants. God needed but one 24 hour day to create every photosynthetic organism. This is backed up by the fossil record, which reveals all plants buried therein as fully developed, with no transitional forms. In other words the fossil record shows an abrupt appearance of all plants, which supports the Bible record that they were created, rather than that they gradually evolved.

Further examples follow :

Example 1.

Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis, (pronounced Semmel-vise) lived in Austria In the 1940s. Like all doctors he was concerned about the way infections spread, often with impunity.

In the hospital where he worked, he had to care for lots of women who came to his hospital to have babies. The women came to the hospital healthy, but soon after they arrived they became sick and died.

This problem was terribly troublesome, as women tended to think that the normal consequences of giving birth was to die soon afterwards.

Doctor Semmelweis noticed that the women got sick after they were examined by doctors who had come from another part of the hospital.

He noticed that these doctors didn't wash their hands between patients.

"Ahah!" thought Doctor Semmelweis, "These doctors must be bringing something with them on their hands!"

In the 1940s almost nothing was known about germs, because they were too small to see!

Doctor Semmelweis asked the doctors to wash their hands between every patient, and immediately the number of women who got sick decreased.

A few years later germs were discovered, and people realised that germs could be carried about, and passed on.

Thousands of years before Doctor Semmelweis, the Bible already warned people to wash their hands after touching dead things. The Bible gives no explanation as to why people should was themselves in this way, as the command was given with the intention of encouraging obedience.

Numbers chapter 19 and Leviticus chapters 13 and 14 give most of the hygiene rules given by God in order to control infection.

Example 2.

For a long, long, long time, the people of India thought that the world sat on the backs of some huge elephants, and that the elephants stood on the back of a enormous turtle . . . and the turtle stood on a big snake, which was swimming through a sea of milk!!!

This was just one of the many fanciful beliefs of the past.

Another idea was that the world was being piggy-backed by a catfish.

Another idea, from Greece, (supposedly the most educated nation of the time), had the earth balanced on the shoulders of a very big man, called Atlas!

Well of course, when telescopes were invented, no-one could see any elephants, or turtles, or snakes, or catfish, or big men with bulging muscles . . . In fact, when scientists looked around, they could see that the earth sat on . . . NOTHING!

Scientists (astronomers) saw that the earth floated, like a bubble, through space. No strings, or ropes, or pulleys. Just nothing all round it.

But despite this discovery, many people persisted in their belief that the world was flat. Many sailors were scared to sail too far, in case they went over the edge!

Does the Bible say anything about the earth?

Yes, the Bible says that the earth is round, like a ball, and that it hangs on nothing.

The Bible was saying this for thousands of years - long before telescopes or rockets - the Bible was right long before the Indians were thinking about elephants and turtles.

Just read Job 26:7, or Isaiah 40:22, or the story in Luke 17. In the last passage there is an illustration about people - some are awake in the daytime, while some are sleeping at night. Jesus knew that day and night happened at the same time, because he knew that the true shape of the world was spherical.

As usual, the Bible was right. It has never needed to be corrected or updated!

Example 3.

Modern geology is based largely on what is called Uniformitarianism, which means that the processes we see going on around us today are the same as have been going on for millions, even billions of years. A Uniformitarian does not accept that in the past there have been global catastrophes - only minor, local catastrophes, such as the odd volcanic eruption, tidal wave and so forth - but nothing global.

The Bible, on the other hand, uses three chapters to describe a flood which covered the entire globe for a little less than a year.

Evidence of this global disaster is everywhere, but Uniformitarians selectively either ignore or distort their interpretations of this evidence.

If there was a flood, in the proportions described in the Bible (Genesis 6, 7 and 8) what sort of things would we expect to find today?

The Biblical flood describes several things happening :

1. Water bursting up from under the ground,

2. Water thundering down from the sky,

3. Sea-levels rising until all land is covered,

4. Tremendous surges of water, containing silt, and the remains of forests and plant and animal life,

5. Volcanic eruptions

6. Raising of land and buckling, tilting and draining of continents

The Bible also says that before the global flood there were no mountains such as we have today. The global flood was terminated by rapid upthrusting of land, and mountains appeared. (This is why we find fossils in mountain peaks).

Today we find the remains of vast forests buried as coal. We also find huge deposits of oil. Both of these ‘fossil fuels’ are the remains of a tremendous amount of plants and animals swept together and buried quickly.

We also find that 80% of all surface rocks are sedimentary. Sedimentary rock is formed by water. As water carries the sediments about, sorting takes place, in which heavier objects drop faster than lighter, and organisms with less ability to resist the water are also buried before those which can swim against the flow.

Fossils are the remains of plants and animals which were buried in sediment. This is why the billions of fossils available today are always found in sedimentary rock. Fossils depict sudden death, death by violent drowning. Fossils are often mutilated, shredded, torn apart.

Fossils also depict the normal sorting process. Some layers of fossils depict simple forms of life, shells and so forth, which were less able to escape the current. Other layers depict more complex forms of life. Evolutionists like to point to these layers as proof of evolution, but the fossils which comprise these layers contain no transitional forms, and provide therefore far better evidence of creation than evolution.

Strangely enough, despite the fact that fossil-bearing sedimentary rock is just about everywhere we look, it is not usually related to the three chapters in Genesis which describe a global catastrophe.

Nevertheless, the Bible’s explanation is the most satisfying, because it fits the evidence perfectly.

Uniformitarianism cannot account for such things as the Grand Canyon - 100,000 square miles of horizontal sediment. The present-day Colorado river cannot have made these sediments since rivers of this size meander, laying down sediment of a highly uneven nature.

Uniformitarianism cannot account for the enormous fossil beds in which millions of fish are found. Under normal conditions, fish, when they die, float to the surface. Fossilised fish depict creatures which were buried quickly, in vast numbers, before decomposition could take place.

Uniformitarians cannot explain the presence of approximately 5,000,000 mammoths and mastadons trapped on frozen soil, dead with sub-tropical food still in their mouths.

Uniformitarians cannot explain the fact that there are undersea river canyons which run down from the river mouths off continents, sometimes to a depth of 2 miles from the surface of the ocean.

Uniformitarians cannot explain how it is, in coal mines, that carbonised trees are found standing vertically through the seams. Incidentally, no coal has been found forming anywhere in the world today.

Uniformitarians cannot explain how it is that, in all the sedimentary rocks examined, not a single meteorite has been found. If these rocks are as old as they say, there should be millions of meteorites. There are two possible explanations :

1. No meteorites fell on earth for millions of years, or

2. The Bible is right when it says the sedimentary rocks were laid down (as a result of the global flood) very quickly.

Dinosaurs are put together from their bones. Dinosaur bones are usually found in sedimentary deposits. Quite often, dinosaur bones are found in the same deposit as the bones of many other animals, such as bears, birds, mammals and plants. Human footprints have also been found in the same layers in which dinosaur tracks have been found. The mystery of why the dinosaurs died out suddenly is found in the Bible, Genesis chapters 6, 7 and 8.

Job 40:15 - 24 and 41:1-34 gives an eyewitness account of two dinosaurs. Either that, or Job is describing some creature identical to them. Evolutionists would like us to believe that Man evolved some 65 million years after dinosaurs died out. The testimony of Job, who lived about the time of Abraham, some 3000 years ago, totally contradicts this.

Who are we going to believe - the people with theories, or the Bible?

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