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Down in a Hole


(Text for a simple booklet on the subject of 'childhood depression')









By Richard Gunther and Steve Brodie


Sometimes, people start digging a hole for themselves

They dig and dig, until the hole is quite deep . . . and the funny thing is, they think they can get out of the hole by digging even further!

The best way to get out of a hole is :

1. Stop digging

2. Call for help

3. Climb out

This booklet was made to help people who feel really sad, or gloomy all the time. If you feel like you are one of these kinds of people - like you're down in a hole - here are some things you can do to get yourself out.


There are many possible reasons for how you feel . . .

* You may have lost someone you loved.

* You may be doing something wrong, and not stopping doing it.

* You may be eating too much junk food.

* You may be staying up late every night and never get enough sleep.


If you feel like you are down in a hole, one good thing you can do is call for help. Let someone know how you feel.

There are lots of people around who can help you out of your hole.

* Tell someone who cares about you, and let them know how you feel

* Tell God about it in prayer - after all, it was God who made you, so He always knows what to do


There are many ways to get out of your hole, and to feel happy again :

* One way is to eat only good food. A healthy diet can really help you feel well.

* If you are doing something wrong, stop. Do what you know is right instead.

* If you hate someone, stop hating them. If you have a grudge, forgive.

If someone has hurt your feelings, or is doing something to you which you don't like, ask God to help you forgive them, and then try to forget about it.

*Another word for "always feeling gloomy" is "depressed".

To understand why some people feel down in a hole, it helps if you also know where people come from.

To find the answers to these very important questions, we have to go to the Bible.

In the Bible, in the first few chapters, we read that God created this world beautiful and full of life. All the animals and the humans were healthy and happy. All the food was great and the weather was always perfect.

For a while, the first humans were obedient to God, and healthy, and happy, but one day they disobeyed God.

God had already warned them that if they disobeyed Him they would bring all sorts of troubles to themselves, but they went ahead anyway . . . so the troubles came to them, and then they spread to the whole world.

This is why people are still having wars today, and making themselves sick, and feeling unhappy. They are just like the first humans - still disobeying God.

So we have all inherited the problems and the punishments which the first humans started with, because we are no different from them.

Where does God fit in to all this?

Well, getting back to the Bible, we read that, at the beginning, when God made the universe and the world, He wanted people to live for ever, and to be happy, but they messed everything up. Troubles, and unhappiness and death was their fault, not God's fault. And so was war, and bad behaviour. God never wanted any of these things to happen to anyone.

Now, if you read the Bible a bit more, you will come to four little books, called Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These four books tell the same story, about a man called Jesus Christ, who came from heaven, and who spent his life helping people.

He showed people how to be happy, and how to forgive. He showed the love of God in everything he did and said.

He said if people copied him, they would be happy too.

Jesus helped many people out of the holes they were in, and right now today, he can still help.



This is what's known as the 'food pyramid'. It shows the sort of food you should eat more of at the bottom, and the sort of food you should eat less of at the top.

If you eat right you'll feel bright!



Your heart needs good food too.

As a guide to what you should watch on TV, or read in a book, or what sort of movies you should go to, or video games you should play, or what kind of company you should keep, here is what the Bible says :

"Whatever is true, noble, fair, pure, lovely, good, virtuous or pleasant . . . this is what you should think about."

Philippians 4:8 (A loose translation)

Your mind is a wonderful thing. It is like a sponge, soaking up everything you put into it.

But whatever you put into your mind will have an effect on your feelings and behaviour.

So how do you treat your mind?

Is it a beautiful bowl, or a rubbish bin?

One way to get yourself out of a hole is to make sure that GOOD things go into your mind.







"Love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control"

Galatians chapter 5 verse 22

God wants everyone in the whole world to have all the love, and joy, and peace they need, but people who want these things must come to God the right way.

You can't let God help you out of your hole until you let go of your shovel - then your hands will be free to take God's hand.

He will pull you out.

And I'm

NOT going

to dig myself

into that hole


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