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(Text for a small booklet)







Every person in the world loses someone -

It doesn't matter whether we are

Young or old -

Not a single person ever misses out -

Rich or poor, unknown or famous -

Mothers, fathers and children -

Nobody is able to avoid it -

At some time or other -

When we expect it or when we don't -



We all lose someone we love.

But why do people

have to die?

This booklet will help you understand.

As soon as we are born we begin to die. Ageing and death are part of living and growing. The process begins in our mother's womb, and continues for about 75 years, if we live about the average number of years, until finally our body stops working . . .

Have you ever wondered why we die?

And where did death come from?

To find the answers to these very important questions, we have to go to the Bible.

In the Bible, in the first few chapters, we read that God created this world beautiful and full of life.

And on to this beautiful world God created living things - animals, plants, fish, dinosaurs and birds. When everything was ready, God also made two human beings.

For a while, the first humans were obedient to God, and so God kept them alive, and He was going to keep them alive for ever - but one day they disobeyed God.

God had already warned them that if they disobeyed Him they would begin to grow old and die, but they went ahead anyway . . . so the punishment came to them, and then it spread to the whole world.

This is why people, and animals, and plants, and fish, and everything grows old and dies. We have all inherited the punishment which the first humans were given.

So death is the consequence of everyone's disobedience, as well as Adam and Eve's, because nobody obeys God with all their heart - not even the verybest Christians.



Just knowing why people die doesn't stop us from feeling sad when they do die.

Its OK to feel sad.

Its OK to cry.

Its OK to go somewhere and shut the world out for a while.

This is normal.

It is all part of normal grief, and its real, and most people feel the same way when it happens.

But after a while the sadness goes away and you can smile again.



When someone we love dies, people can feel all sorts of things. Here are some of the things they feel :








and sadness

These feelings are all normal.

Everyone has them -

Old people and young people,

Mothers and fathers,

famous people and not so famous people.

All these feelings are part of being real.




1.           It is normal to feel sad.

2.           It is normal to want to cry, so cry.

3.           It is normal to feel confused, or weird, or down, or up, or stupid.

4.           It is normal to think that you are the only one who is feeling sad.

5.           Other people will be turned off by your sadness but that's OK - they can't help it. They may feel unable to help you.

6.           Eventually you will feel happy again. Your sadness won't last for ever - unless you want it to.

7.           Some people get over their sadness quickly, and some people take a long time.


In our world, it is hard to find someone who really cares about us - who is willing to talk about the hard-to-say things.

If you have a friend who loves you in spite of your sadness, you have the best friend in the world.

Where does God fit in to all this?

Well, getting back to the Bible, we read that, at the beginning, God wanted people to live for ever, and to be happy, but they messed everything up. Death was their fault, not God's fault. He never wanted death to happen to anyone.

If you read the Bible a bit more, you will come to four little books, called Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These four books tell the same story, about a man called Jesus Christ, who came from heaven, and who spent his life helping people.

He healed the sick, and gave sight to the blind and he even made dead people come back to life!

But at the end of his work, when he was about 30 years old, Jesus died on a cross.

The Bible says he gave his life as a sacrifice for our disobedience. Because the first humans, and all their children, (including you and me) disobeyed God, they all had to die, but Jesus died for everyone, so that means he must have died for you and me too.

Three days after Jesus died, he came back to life.

After that he went back to heaven, and sat on the throne beside his Father. Jesus is the Son of God.

One day Jesus will come back to this earth again, and on that day all the people who have died will come back to life, because he will command them to.

That will be the happiest day this world has ever seen, for all the people who have loved Jesus, and died, will come back to life again. They will be with him in his happy kingdom for ever!

Ever better, they will never be sad again - ever.

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