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Names of Jesus in the book of Isaiah

By Richard Gunther


There are at least 79 names of Jesus in the book of Isaiah


   This short list may not be complete. Readers are invited to search through the book of Isaiah for further names.

   The reason for this article: a friend of mine, during a conversation, told me quite dogmatically that there were no prophetic names of Jesus in the book of Isaiah. The Bible warns us to “prove all things”, and to “test” the prophets. The Bereans were commended because they “searched the Scriptures daily” and the gospels show us many times that certain Scriptures are fulfilled by him.

the Lord (Jehovah)

God (Elohim) of Jacob

Lawgiver (out of Zion shall go forth the Law)

Judge (He shall judge among the nations)

Immanuel (and 8:10)

Sign (to the house of David)

Son (born of a virgin)

the Lord (Jehovah) of hosts

your Fear

your Dread

a Sanctuary

a Stone of stumbling

a Rock of offense

a Gin

a Snare

Governor (Government upon his shoulder)

King (upon his kingdom)



the Mighty God(El)

the Everlasting Father

the Prince of Peace

a Rod (out of the stem of Jesse)

a Branch (out of the roots of Jesse)

an Ensign (of the people)

my Strength

my Salvation

my Song

Holy One of Israel

the Lord God of Hosts


my Servant (and 42:1)

a Father

Keeper of the Key

a Nail

a glorious Throne

the Lord God of Israel

the Hand of the Lord

the Lord (Jah) Jehovah

the Vineyard Owner

a Stone

a Tried Stone

a precious Cornerstone

a Righteous King

a Hiding Place from the wind

a Covert from the tempest

Rivers of Water in a dry place

the Shadow of a great rock in a weary land



the First

the Last

the Redeemer

King of Jacob

My Elect

a Mighty Man

Saviour (and 45:21)

the Creator of Israel

a Sharp Sword

a Hidden Weapon

a polished Shaft

an Arrow

a Light (to the Gentiles) (and 60:1)

Husband (of Israel)

Holy Arm (of God)

Man of Sorrows

a Lamb (to the slaughter)

an Offering for sin (or Sacrifice)

an Intercessor (or judge)

a Standard

the Glory of the Lord

a Sunrise

Preacher (of good news)

the Bridegroom

a Warrior-king




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