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The Law as a Weapon for Evangelism

By Richard Gunther


The whole Old Testament Law has been abolished by Jesus Christ.

By this we mean the commandments, statutes and ordinances.

This includes the food laws

The laws of the land

The circumcision laws

The hygiene laws

The sabbath laws - including the sabbath day

And the ten commandments.

But before you accuse us of preaching "another gospel" let us qualify this by saying that as soon as the Old Covenant, based on the Law was abolished, Jesus brought in the New Covenant, based on Himself.

If we follow Jesus, and study the Word of God, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, we will be able to keep the principles (not the letter) of the Law. These principles are always principles of love.

The Old Testament Law is a document of condemnation and death. No human can keep it. It forces those who try to keep it to the realisation that Godís standards are too high for any human to reach. It drives a person to cry out for mercy.

The Old Testament Law produced fear. guilt, condemnation and weakness.

The New Covenant produces Love. In Christ all Christians are able to live out, in practical terms, the principles, of the Law. Because they have died in Christ, the Law cannot apply to them. Dead people are free from all Law. But because Christians are alive in Jesus, they can now live a new life, on the other side of the grave.

The New Covenant makes all Christians equals, and sets them totally free of all traditions, superstitions and Man-imposed ceremonies.


But in the hands of a skilful Christian the Law (the 10 commandments) is also a powerful weapon for evangelism. Used properly it can cut through a sinnerís defences and show them their true state before God. It is an army with ten mighty cannons, a sickle with ten razor-sharp teeth, an armoury with ten perfectly honed swords, a quiver with ten sharp arrows.

But be very careful how you use it. First find out where the sinner you are speaking to is coming from. If there is already sorrow, the Law has done its work. Apply the gospel. If the sinner is unaware of sin, apply the Law. But use it in love and with sympathy.

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